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I could watch this episode again

The following is a post I put on the BBC America blog of which Doctor Who episode I would re-watch over and over (and over!) again.

“Dalek” It show action, the return of the Daleks, Christopher Eccleston being the first doctor I’ve enjoyed, the doctor joking around as well yelling in hate to show his acting range, a museum of sci-fi history, and a bad guy that gets his in the end. A episode I’ll enjoy over and over again.

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A future of Sonic

The 1 thing I always think of in a new Sonic game is 2 player co-op. Sonic 2&3 had it, Sonic Advance 3 had it, and Knuckles Chaotix had it. Soic 2 is one of the perfect games for me because of the co-op that me and my sister used. I have dozens of games that have a online, system link, or split screen co-op to them.

Look a Super Mario Bros. Wii, that game could have been a 2-4 player Sonic game if SEGA used my idea that I had for a few years now. It doesn't need to be 4 player, but something like LEGO Star Wars where 1 player can switch between Sonic and Tails with a dropin out co-op for a friend.

Go back to the roots of Sonic 2&3 by just having Sonic and Tails in it. With the 2 characters the game can have puzzles like the 2 to hit 2 buttons to open a door, use Tails to lift Sonic to areas he couldn't reach alone, and beat Badniks with shields by having Sonic stand in front as Tails attacks from behind.

This game could be on any system. Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii could use their online multiplayer, while phone and other handhelds could just have offline multiplayer. New characters could be DLC (did I just say that?). Sonic 4 is on all of those platforms and Sonic 2 is on even more.

This new game can be a download only game too. Sonic may have too many friends these days, but having one in a game with him is better than none (looking at Sonic 4). Sonic is my favorite thing and I want to enjoy it with a friend.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sonic Generations of me

Way back in the year 1992 the video game company SEGA releases the sequel to its biggest selling at the time. This game is now available on dozens of platforms. It was the first in the series to have co-op play. The game I’m talking about has an epic story without a single word being said with music that I still sing today. This adventure spans four days around, under, and over one island, even in space. This video game that got me loving video games and the main character that stars in it is Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

It was Christmas and toys were everywhere. One of the many items me and my sisters got was a SEGA Genesis that came with Sonic 2 which we had to share. I played with it the most so I came to owning it. We also had a NES with one or two games and an Atari, both of which we hardly touch. They were not as fast, bright, and entertaining as the new system in the house that will turn me in to a gamer. Some other games were rented here and there like Mortal Kombat 3 but didn’t have the gameplay of Sonic 2 which was the only game at the time I enjoyed. It would be some years later until I play the first game but not as much time would pass until I play the sequel Sonic 3.

Sonic 2 was the first game I beat, over and over again. Sonic 2 got me in to collecting all of the rings, I still fail at it. It also got me to start seeing the patterns in enemies and bosses. After many times of play I then started to see that the faster I play the bigger point bonus I’ll get. I replay levels to find hidden items and faster routes. When I finally got all of the chaos emeralds a whole new world of Sonic opened for me thanks to Super Sonic. Sometime later I came across video game codes for Sonic 2 that just crank up the crazy fun for me to have. Enter the level select to replay my favorite parts all I wanted, enter the sound test part to chill to the tune without enemies or time limit, and then came the debug code that not only had me making a crazy fun game in to just crazy but had me to follow the path of a gamer to the road of game maker. The debug code not only gave me a peek of what a game can do, but how they are made and worked.

Most people may say that they love Sonic 3 more but there would be no Sonic 3 if Sonic 2 didn’t start the grand story of the Death Egg. The Sonic comic book and cartoons came out the year before Sonic 3 which shows that Sonic 2 had been doing so well in sells that more money was put in the idea of Sonic to make a comic book with a continuing story that still runs today and two cartoons, one that's all wacky comedy which each episode could be a standalone and the other cartoon is an epic tale with humor to keep it friendly with lots of darkness and even a bit of sadness too.

The Mario games like to have the word bros. in the title but the player can only play as one of them at a time where as in Sonic 2 the 2 does not only mean that it’s the second game but also that two player can play at once. Player one plays as Sonic who is the only one who can get power ups, hit the signpost, lose rings when hit, has the camera following him, and dies. Player two plays as Tails with the same moves, ability to hit baddies, collect rings, and the ability to not stay dead. It was with this type of game play the that teamwork skills are made by having player one move the camera while player two takes the hits. My sister was player two which was a stepping stone for her to become a gamer as well.

Sonic is my favorite thing. He has done more wrongs than Mario but Sonic gets right the things Mario can’t do well or at all. Starting with Sonic 2, continuing with the comic book, and now plans to take the Xbox360 and Wii to the heights of new game play fun for everyone at the speed of sound, Sonic won’t stop no matter the speed bump.

Happy birthday Sonic!

$6 for a limited Sonic comic

Here is Sonic #229 next to Sonic #229 variant edition.

Beware Sonic fans.

Some parents who saw the Kroger ad from last week may have seen this not so well put together emulator of some games with Sonic on the cover. Spread the word to avoid.

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The best weapon is a master weapon for me. Evil beware!

Master Sword

Master Sword

Heroes may die, but legends endure.

Take this quiz

Forged by the ancient Sages, the legendary Master Sword is the ultimate weapon against evil. Nothing can stand against a true hero who wields this blade!

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Why read books when you can sing about books?

This song is for everyone who participates in National Novel Writing Month.


This November I'm gonna write a novel in 30 days
and by December, I'll type "The End" on the last page
I've got some music. I've got my shiny new laptop
And now I'll use it as I sit down at the coffee shop

But everybody thinks I'm crazy

But I've only got 50,000 words to go
Before the end of NaNoWriMo
I thought that it'd be easy but its not
Yeah I've only got 50,000 words to go
Before the end of NaNoWriMo
I've got everything I need except the plot

I've got a trusty side-kick. I've got a strong protagonist.
There's a central conflict but a weak antagonist
I've got a cliched setting and at best my plot is trite
but at least I'm getting some time to myself at night


Who decided to have Thanksgiving this time of year?
Don't they know I'm trying to launch my writing career.



from NaNoWriMo, released 01 November 2011

John Anealio: Vocals, Electric Guitars, Bass, Irish Bouzouki, Glockenspiel, Organ, Drum Programming.

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VLOG 10/31

The one wolfman wolfpack.


Whoever is bitten by a werewolf and lives becomes a werewolf himself.

Take this quiz

You didn't plan on becoming the Wolfman. After all, you were just wandering around the woods one night minding your own business when a strange looking dog bites you a little and suddenly you're turning into a hairy creature with pointy teeth and a thirst for blood. Luckily, you only have to worry about blacking out and mutilating livestock when there's a full moon, although your new silver allergy may make your next fancy dinner party a little awkward.

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VLOG 10/19

What I really love.

What better way to show that I love zombies then to share this zombie love song.

Immediate download of Undead Love Song in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

The Undead Love Song was inspired by Rigor Amortis, an anthology of zombie short stories. This song was co-written with R. Schuyler Devin, who has a story in the collection.


A supernatural wedding day
A blushing bride, a groom in a cage.
She could have had any man she desired
Like a teen werewolf or an old vampire

But she loves her Zombie Man

This is an Undead Love Song
Everyone will think it's wrong
They just don't understand those Zombie moans
Lovers need not be alive for true love to survive
A fragile heart need not rot alone

When they went on their honeymoon
They drank champagne in their hotel room
But then the bride went into shock
When his foot fell off and he lost his c***

But she loves her Zombie Man

This is an Undead Love Song
Everyone will think it's wrong
They just don't understand those Zombie moans
Lovers need not be alive for true love to survive
A fragile heart need not rot alone

But it ain't easy being married to an undead lover
the bride is always under attack
People ask her: Why can't she find another
And why is she a Necrophiliac?

released 20 October 2011
John Anealio: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Slide Guitar, Bass, Organ & Drum Programming.

The beautiful artwork is by Galen Dara

KING of American monsters!

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VLOG 10/14

An I excited about the Avengers movie?

A comment I post on

Damn right I'm excited! It's one thing to see 2D people fighting each other on paper but big name stars on the same screen. Making this an impotent movie that countless others will learn from in the future of movie making.

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You twit!

Just as I was about to put the latest vlog up a pop up for twitter appeared when I clicked blogger. What is with that? I'm angry because of this. SHUT UP TWITTER!

VLOG 10/10

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VLOG 10/5


When they tell your story, what will they say?

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2 of my fav things in song form

A mostly true story about how I dressed up like a Stormtrooper for Halloween when I was 5 years old.

I had an old white shirt and a store-bought mask
And a broken water gun within my grasp
My tattered pants were lined with electrical tape.
It was the greatest costume that was ever made

And I wish I could relive that holiday

When I dressed up like a Stormtrooper for Halloween
My dad was a ghost, my friend was Wolverine
And these memories will surely haunt my dreams tonight.

I marched down Fleetwood street in my black rubber boots
We went from door to door collecting our loot
I wouldn’t eat the candy in my pillow case
Because I refused to take the mask off my face

Now, I’m putting on my mask again
and lacing up my boots
With my son dressed up like Anakin
in his jedi costume

from A Stormtrooper For Halloween, track released 01 October 2011
John Anealio: Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers,
Drum Programming.

Album Art:
Photo by Jonathan Mannion
Photoshop Ninja: Patrick Hester
The Man in the Stormtrooper Armor: Andrew Liptak,

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What I think of Catwoman's look

The following is a comment I made to a internet reviewer about Catwoman's new look in The Dark Knight Rises. Do to the limited room for letters in YouTube's comment boxes, I was not able to give full thought but just the main point. Here is my full thought.

No two Catwomen are the same. Like Batman Returns this Catwoman will have little to nothing to do the any of the other Catwomen in comics, television series, and movies. This Catwoman is set in a different movie series that follows a different world with a different Batman and a different back story to go with Catwoman. This is one of those times when the new thing is so far from the old thing that you can't justify the way it looks until the movie is fully completed and seen. There were people who felt that Christian Bale was not a well preformed Batman in Batman Begins compared with their idea of Batman, Heath Ledger would no where be a well preformed Joker in The Dark Knight compared to all the great actors who've played the Joker in past movies and television series, and a very few people if any shed a tear over the destruction of the vehicle Tumbler after a one and half movie run. What looked to be bad ideas before the movie came was finished turned out great as for a few good ideas did not do as well. In closing I can't not give a proper judgment until I see the movie...she is pretty hot though.

Image from JUSTJARED

VLOG 9/27

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VLOG 9/26

You talking to me?

I scored 100%, with 10 of 10 correct on The Escapist's The "You Talking to Me?!" Quiz.
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Comics I picked up on June 26th and 29th

I got two great Sonic comics and the bargain The Walking Dead. Sonic Universe #29 and Sonic The Hedgehog #226 from Archie along with The Walking Dead #86 from Image.

Outtro by ⒿⓐⓑⓑⓔⓡⓦⓞⓒⓒⓚⓨⒸⓗⓐⓜⓑⓔⓡ

Which comic will you get?

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Happy Birthday Sonic!

20 years later and you're only going faster.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thank you Game On class.

I scored 100%, with 10 of 10 correct on The Escapist's Console Quiz.
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Comics I picked up on June 1st

The after math that is The Walking Dead #85 from Image and the shocking Sonic The Hedgehog #225 from Archie.

Poll: Which comic will you get?

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sonic is better than Spiderman!

*Spoiler Warning*

Sonic #149

*Spoiler Warning*

After reading Sonic #225 I've been going through my head thinking about the shock ending(after recovering from the shock). I came across some of the same points that are in both Sonic #225 and Spiderman: One More Day.

1) The ball and chain: Sonic and Sally have finally got back together after nearly 100 issues of being broken up. Unlike Spiderman and Mary Jane, Sonic and Sally work amazingly as a team so there is no reason for them to be broken up again.

2) Pain of love: In issue 225 Sally is killed by Eggman with a machine gun. A far better way to get rid of a love interest than having the lovers walk past each other pretending nothing has happened in their past. Sally getting shot makes a lot more sense than Aunt May who should have died awhile ago.

3) Real evil: Unlike the devil in Marvel comics, Eggman is an evil and scary villain that has in many occasions won battles agents the heroes of the world. Even when Eggman isn't on the page he is talked about of what he may do next.

4) Reset: The new world in Sonic is going to be Sonic having adventures from the games Sonic 1&2 for a little while then things are going to be more or less normal after that. The readers knew the change was coming, how long it may last, and that things will return to normal with some differences.

5) Magic ≠ Science: In Marvel for the devil to change the timeline he had to just wink and smile, where as in Sonic Eggman had to take his time to prepare. After having his city destroyed Eggman lost nearly everything, so he had to pour his remaining resources in to his last standing base with lots of hidden halls and rooms. While making his ultimate weapon he lost his mind for a while, when he became sane again Eggman have a new outlook on his grand plan. After many issues of construction, finally getting a rare limitless power, and using an army of slaves to send supplies to him the ultimate weapon Death Egg launches to the horror of everyone that it was built in front of them the whole time. With time, planing, and effort is how an evil genius makes things go the way he wants.

6) Can't touch this: Before Eggman pushes the big red button of doom a nemesis of his who also has a rare limitless power to use magic to stop Eggman, but has no effect thank to magic proof hull. Unlike Marvel where some hocuss pocus can change anything, in Sonic's world magic has its limits. So the line "a wizard did it" can't be use for plot holes that are lying around.

7) Cloning clone saga: Sonic also had his own clone trouble that was handled better. In Sonic X #25 Sonic had to deal with a hand full of clones for just the one issue. Unlike Spiderman, Sonic's clones were just like him but a different color each(not counting the last one)so they weren't as crazy as Spiderman's clones. Sonic's clones were made by a group with the smarts, resources, locations, and time to do it. The best part about Sonic's clone saga is that it only lasted the one issue where as Spidermans took years and still doesn't make sense.

Sonic #95

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Two are as good as two too

There is nothing like playing with someone. Earlier I was playing the latest Lara Croft game with my sisters boyfriend on co-op mode. The game can be played with just one person but without a second person just makes to game playable and not really fun. Like I am with Borderlands Lara Croft and the GOL is more fun with another person. This game is made with for two player fun but one person can this enjoy it, yet to the two player design all the unlockables can't be gotten without another player by your side, next room over, or online. I've played many games online with others but playing today shows that two controllers are funner with two players.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I just had some wet and wild fun!

I just enjoyed some gaming on the high seas. Tonight was one of the many Xbox 360 game with the developers nights. The game for this fun Q&A was Hydro Thunder Hurricane. There were two developers playing and so happened to be in the first room with one of them. We played for about six or more races.

I got to ask some questions, like "what made them think of doing a sequel?".
He replied that Microsoft want them to do a different boat game that had a few good ideas in it but someone brought up the first Hydro Thunder then the focus turned to making a sequel leaving the original game plan behind.

Another player asked, " if there were going to be more DLC?".
The developer who I'll call Vec for here on said that topic comes up now and then but it is up to Microsoft if there can make more or not, so far they still say no.

Vec was asked, "if the team were going to make a game that would be sold in stores?".
He said they would like to have a game sold in a store, but they just haven't had a chance to yet.

I asked Vec, "besides new boats and tracks, what new game modes will be added in future DLC?".
He said that they thought of some. Later while playing a race other players ask about a multiplayer gauntlet mode and Vec said they did think of it but didn't have time to make it.

A player asked, "how long did it take to make the game?".
Vec said it took about six months to make the demo for Microsoft to look over and less than a year to make the full game, about 14 months or so. He added that there are seven people who work on the game.

During a break in game play I asked, "if they thought of making a Kinect game?".
Vec said that it was something they would like to do. He asked back who had one and only one player said he did.

A question asked was, "what is the next game they were working on?".
Vec replied that they are not allowed to reveal it right now but it will be announced soon like in a week or so.

While playing a race with all ducks the players started to say that they want an award for beating someone with a duck which Vec agrees are the worst boat in the game. Vec said they think about it.

I asked, "were there any other easter eggs besides the Blood Wave poster in the hut?".
Vec said that there were some fake ads for Xbox 360 and the team put in some friends name in the game as well.

Someone asked, " what other games have the team worked on?".
Vec said that HTH was their first game but they worked on others before they came together.

As the last race started all the player made it clear that track was really buggy.
Vec said he knows and they didn't how time for any update or patches to fix it for now.

That is all I can remember at this time. It really fun even though I was usually last and Vec didn't do so well ether.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl still not that interesting

Superbowl is over again and I only saw a few minutes of it. Football like almost all sports that in the world are some thing I just don't care for. Well, football still brings fun and joy to more people than I can count. So let the game...CONTINUE!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The time I have warned you all about has come.

I have known that this time was coming and have feared for it. Milk cost more than gas. I have noticed the price has been going up for the past few years, and now the price has reached $3 a gallon. I'm scared. Milk is my main source of fluid, but now I may have time buying some. The government should step in.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shigeru Miyamoto was right!

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto said that he can't play the older Mario games on the latest TVs due to the fact that HD shows him all the imperfections that are in the games. Last night I saw what he met. Playing Sonic 2 on Xbox 360 with a HD 1080 42" TV just shows that it looks horror able. This port also has a slight delay with the button and hit detention seems to be off some times. Thank game gods that Sonic 4 episode 1 is out because that game is pretty much a remake of Sonic 2 with better gameplay and graphics. That point used to bother me when I first played it, but now that I played Sonic 2 again I see that it what we need games of today for gamers of today.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What first person are you?

Okay, I give. First person shooters are the big money makers now a days. I play some my self like: Left 4 Dead 1&2, Call Of Duty 4, Perfect Dark, Battlefield 1943, and more that I can't think of right now. This passed week I've been playing a lot of Battlefield 1943 to collect the in game award stamps. Left 4 Dead games are some that I will make time to play. In Call Of Duty 4 I die in multilayer a lot but I have a little fun now and than. I already talked about Borderlands. In a way you can say that all games are in a first person view. First person shooters do have up and downs but there is one for everyone.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dead of winter

I am like many people in this area that are do to the high amounts of snow and ice. What can I do to pass the time? Go over zombie stuff of course. I picked on a used issue of "IZOMIBE" #7, there is a new mode on "Left 4 Dead" this week, a review of a bad zombie movie is online, catch up on a online zombie game, a new web series with zombies have started, and I'd like to go over my DVDs with the brain eaters in them. After some Z goodness I may stick my teeth in to a steak to feel the part of the other side. All of this will also help pass the time as this bite on my arms stops bleeding.

4 / / Itchy Tasty

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Played Borderlands again today with me sister and her boyfriend. While playing with them the fun factor is twice as fun with the talk to others but the game-play is still bland. Today while playing with them I did have fun for a few minutes as I was finally able to take on a few Skags and Bandets by myself. Rating so far: 2/5

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weebl got me again.

I watched this for 5 minutes before I knew that it looped a few times. No Sonic in it at all.