Friday, May 25, 2018

Which COLOSSAL Creature Are You?

I took a quiz on Loot Crate for which kaiju I would be.

I got Godzilla.

"It ain’t easy being green. Especially when you’re a green prehistoric sea monster powered by radiation. You’re a lone wolf who likes to play by your own rules; however you’ll do the right thing and save Earth when needed."

Sunday, May 6, 2018

FCBD2018 pickups

Sunday Gundam 5/6/2018

With a burning heart, Sunday Gundam (light armor) blasts off to bring the future to today.

Toonami aired the last ep of IBO dub last week

Build Divers aired eps 4&5

There is a trailer for a new Gundam project

GundamHQ played some more of the Battle Operation 2 beta

Another preview of New Gundam Breaker

"15" minutes of the 6th Origin film

More Wing MSs for Battle Operation Next

Youtuber Radical Reggie did an Another 9 gameboy advance hidden gems

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Gundam Sunday 4/22/18

This is no Zaku Sunday. No Zaku Sunday!

Toonami aired ep24 of the s2 dub for IBO
Build Divers ep 3
Glass Reflection gives the Wing ultra set an unboxing
Gundam HQ plays Battle Operation 2
VA Ms. Fujita Takahashi goes over Battle Operation 2
New project coming soon
Multiple projects are planned
io9 talks about Char
More info on Narrative 
The Unicorn statue is about to light up the night
Gunpla101 goes over some of the hidden item in Build Divers ep3
More info on the 00 sequel
Isetan Shinjuku teamed up with Gundam to make the ultimate Char cosplay

Build, fight, LAUNCHING!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Gundam Sunday 4/15/2018

Gundam Sunday (Sniper) has been reactivated!

Last night Toonami showed ep23 of IBO s2 dub. The episode is also on Youtube.
Gundam the Origin 5 dub
Gundam the Origin 6 trailer
Watchmojo top 10
Watchmojo top 10
Gundam easter egg in Pacific Rim Uprising
Gundam Build Divers eps 1&2
Gundam F91 sub
Gunpla Cup pv
Gunpla ad
Build Divers Gunpla ad
Linkara posted his Gundam video
Endless Waltz english cover
Gundam craft itmes
New Gundam Breaker trailer
New ep of Gunpla Club UK
Gundam HG  interview with Matt Hill
Trailer for the Gundam show that never was
Free DLC coming for New Gundam Breaker
Another step closer to a real Gundam
Gundam 00 play coming
Char and curry team up
Gundam 00 Blu-ray details
NHK poll results
Kamille to be in a magazine
The newest Gunpla
Gunpla101 looks at Build Divers ep 1&2
Ardy's is being silly with their pictures

That is all in this very late update.
Build, fight, LAUNCHING!