Friday, September 21, 2012

Bored again...


"No pictures, no pictures."

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Looks like I'm a Commando thanks to the Escapist Magazine Borderlands 2 quiz.

"Discharged from military service for being just a tad too unpredictable (on top of being a gloryhound), you've taken your skills and military experience (and incredibly versatile sentry turret) to Pandora in hopes that your "expertise" will be more appreciated."

"When in doubt, empty your magazine."

Monday, September 10, 2012

Not so cute

I scored 50%, with 5 of 10 correct on The Escapist's The "Cute Baby Animal" Quiz!.
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I'm currently ranked 1882nd out of 2138 total entries.

"Congratulations! You survived the adorableness ... This time."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

They made me this way

because of that one game

I remember the days of when you play a video game that when you push up you go up. Then came the day I played a game I liked but I couldn't have the Y axis on the normal setting. That is when I started to play games inverted. That one game (I can't remember the name) was the only game at the time that I knew of which I couldn't change the settings to. Other games I played and will play could be set to inverted but because of that one game I started to play in a different way than some people.
family members and my BFF play

Today I still play inverted on shooters, flyers, and some others. I check the settings on all games I play now a days to make sure that it's inverted. My family members and my BFF play their games with a normal Y axis so when we share a controller or game I or they have to keep changing the setting so we can have a good time on our own terms.
play, feel, enjoy the game better

After about 12-15 years of playing like this I don't think I can or plan to play in a different setting with the Y axis. Normal is how I keep the X axis, use a D pad or keys Y axis is normal, and on PC games with a mouse Y axis is normal as well. It's just when I play with a controller with sticks that I need to invert the Y axis to play, feel, enjoy the game better. That is the way I play video games because video games made me this way.

video games made me this way

Monday, September 3, 2012

I guess it's true...?

Not So Boring
Not So Boring

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"You're pretty average. Maybe you should give skydiving a try, or perhaps go on a vacation somewhere exotic?"

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Two words that made me love again.

"Hey! Listen!" - Navi 1998
better or worst

A few day after The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D came out for the NINTENDO 3DS I watched some of the video reviews to see how better or worst the game has gotten over the years. As I watch one review the video have the sound clip of Navi saying "Hey! Listen!" After I hear that I yelled "Shut up Navi!" as I, my sister, and countless other gamers did when we played the game when it first came out on the NINTENDO 64.
gives me the warm feeling

Having that feeling come back of me when I was younger made me rethink how much that game met to me. It was reflex to say that ever if I haven't played the game in so many years and hardly thinking about too. Knowing that my past is still around gives me the warm feeling that when I need a moment to feel happy again I don't have to go too far thanks to fellow fans and technology for keep not just the memories but the lives we lived alive.
"Hey! Listen!"

"Shut up Navi!"

Who are you in the questing group?


I turn my enemies into pincushions.

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This weeks Escapist Magazine quiz says I'm a Ranger in Guild Wars 2.
"As a ranger, your archery skills are unmatched, and you excel at taking your targets out from a distance. Plus, you get a bunch of animal companions! What's not to like about that?"