Monday, December 30, 2013

Sonic in 2013 top 9 part 1

Here's a top 9 list things that happened to Sonic The Hedgehog in 2013.

9.Sonic Boom-toon

It was announced this year that a new Sonic cartoon will be coming in 2014. Being that this hasn't happened yet it get the 9 spot. Sonic returns to TV after 10 or so years away. Coming to Cartoon Network in the USA, Sonic & friends are getting a new look. From the looks of the preview pic Tails & Amy will look the same for the most part beside his tools in hand and her new outfit not being a dress. And that looks nothing like Knuckles, REALLY!? This show is going to be for more younger viewers than any of the past shows, so I really don't think there will be anything that will change the way people think of Sonic for the better.Working title for now is SONIC BOOM like the song and the big Sonic events, but that can easily change for the better or worst.


8. Sonic the balloon

2011 had the return of Sonic to the Macy's Day parade for his 20th birthday. 2011-2013 Sonic floating in the sky was not just a plug for the new game of the year but to show that video games have an impact the way we live.1993 Sonic floated once and was the first video game balloon in the parade, now he has been seen flying in the sky for 3 years straight now which shows that he is back on his feet at super sonic speeds.


7. Summer blues

2011 for the big birthday party of everything Sonic for the last 20 years there was a summer skate boarding event to promote the new Sonic game. Skaters of all ages and legends skated with Sonic walking around. Happening in the summer but wasn't shown on FOX SPORTS TV until a few months later.Well in 2013 the event was brought back for Sonic The Lost World. Shot in the summer again but didn't hit the TV until December. Sonic uses a skate board in like 1 game and maybe a little in one of the cartoons but I don't think of skating with Sonic. Well it has Sonic, a lot of skaters, and brings fans of t2 totally different things together for a short while which I think is something.

Link: Sonic Generations of Skate

6. Sonic Boom on the move

Sonic Boom was first set in the same time and area as Comic-con and the again in 2012. In 2013 Sonic Boom was moved half way across the country and pushed back by a month. An event all about Sonic with special guests, preview, and rare items on sale put together by SEGA way move far away from the nerd homeland of Comic-con to stand on its own feet. Being a blue blur only convention has lost some of its surprise now by having it survive of Sonic fans coming to a new location with nothing else going on in the area just for Sonic anything show that if you put Sonic in the name and the fans will come. Hope 2014 Sonic Boom comes to Indy. That will save some gas money for me.