Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What I think of Catwoman's look

The following is a comment I made to a internet reviewer about Catwoman's new look in The Dark Knight Rises. Do to the limited room for letters in YouTube's comment boxes, I was not able to give full thought but just the main point. Here is my full thought.

No two Catwomen are the same. Like Batman Returns this Catwoman will have little to nothing to do the any of the other Catwomen in comics, television series, and movies. This Catwoman is set in a different movie series that follows a different world with a different Batman and a different back story to go with Catwoman. This is one of those times when the new thing is so far from the old thing that you can't justify the way it looks until the movie is fully completed and seen. There were people who felt that Christian Bale was not a well preformed Batman in Batman Begins compared with their idea of Batman, Heath Ledger would no where be a well preformed Joker in The Dark Knight compared to all the great actors who've played the Joker in past movies and television series, and a very few people if any shed a tear over the destruction of the vehicle Tumbler after a one and half movie run. What looked to be bad ideas before the movie came was finished turned out great as for a few good ideas did not do as well. In closing I can't not give a proper judgment until I see the movie...she is pretty hot though.

Image from JUSTJARED

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