Monday, February 7, 2011

I just had some wet and wild fun!

I just enjoyed some gaming on the high seas. Tonight was one of the many Xbox 360 game with the developers nights. The game for this fun Q&A was Hydro Thunder Hurricane. There were two developers playing and so happened to be in the first room with one of them. We played for about six or more races.

I got to ask some questions, like "what made them think of doing a sequel?".
He replied that Microsoft want them to do a different boat game that had a few good ideas in it but someone brought up the first Hydro Thunder then the focus turned to making a sequel leaving the original game plan behind.

Another player asked, " if there were going to be more DLC?".
The developer who I'll call Vec for here on said that topic comes up now and then but it is up to Microsoft if there can make more or not, so far they still say no.

Vec was asked, "if the team were going to make a game that would be sold in stores?".
He said they would like to have a game sold in a store, but they just haven't had a chance to yet.

I asked Vec, "besides new boats and tracks, what new game modes will be added in future DLC?".
He said that they thought of some. Later while playing a race other players ask about a multiplayer gauntlet mode and Vec said they did think of it but didn't have time to make it.

A player asked, "how long did it take to make the game?".
Vec said it took about six months to make the demo for Microsoft to look over and less than a year to make the full game, about 14 months or so. He added that there are seven people who work on the game.

During a break in game play I asked, "if they thought of making a Kinect game?".
Vec said that it was something they would like to do. He asked back who had one and only one player said he did.

A question asked was, "what is the next game they were working on?".
Vec replied that they are not allowed to reveal it right now but it will be announced soon like in a week or so.

While playing a race with all ducks the players started to say that they want an award for beating someone with a duck which Vec agrees are the worst boat in the game. Vec said they think about it.

I asked, "were there any other easter eggs besides the Blood Wave poster in the hut?".
Vec said that there were some fake ads for Xbox 360 and the team put in some friends name in the game as well.

Someone asked, " what other games have the team worked on?".
Vec said that HTH was their first game but they worked on others before they came together.

As the last race started all the player made it clear that track was really buggy.
Vec said he knows and they didn't how time for any update or patches to fix it for now.

That is all I can remember at this time. It really fun even though I was usually last and Vec didn't do so well ether.

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