Thursday, July 31, 2014

Indiana Toy & Comic Expo cosplay


It's not a cosplay unless there's a Scott Pilgrim there.

Got to catch them all. 


Plumbers, kart racers, ghost busters, heroes, and brothers. Got to love the Mario Bros.

With Arrow entering season 3, this cosplay is not going away any time soon.

Rescue Rangers cosplay is a win to me.

Can Franken Berry handle Harley? 

 Spiderman and pal!

The cross over that hasn't happened yet.

A better Dawn Of Justice movie right here.

Deadpool is good with kids but still doesn't have a movie.

I've seen the Team Rocket girl at Indy Pop Con 2014 too.

 Got to love crazy red heads.

 Megalon is the best kaiju.

 A bug with drills and shoots lighting. Works for me.


I love the Godzilla cosplay.

So cute.

Dressed to kill for a lot of money.

The face paint was hard to get a picture right.

 Captain America with new sidekick?

You don't need capes in space, but it helps.

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