Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Nostalgia Critic is back on the That Guy With Th e Glasses website. It sadness me that the new show Doug Walker had in it's place Demo Reel now has to go away. Here is a comment I posted to the announcement:

I really did miss Nostalgia Critic a whole lot but I've moved on and kept watching the other reviewers while enjoying Demo Reel as much or more. You do whatever you want Doug, this isn't a wrong choice in any way. I have fell in love with your new show Demo Reel from the start with the great acting, writing, camera work, and a good story line. As great as it is to see the Critic back at full time, I'm going to miss Demo Reel a whole lot due to it's short life, all the things that could have been done with it, and the way it just was. Welcome back NC, but PLEASE KEEP DEMO REEL ALIVE!

Demo Reel is one that I do want to remember.

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