Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Seed of the dead

The Walking Dead season 3 has started Sunday with the episode called Seed. Which can be seen on the AMC website for a limited time free. Here is my written review with few spoilers.


The opening was a great set up of how the characters are going to act and reveal that months have passed since season 2. Not a word was said, just whistles and heavy breathing. They have been at it for quite awhile, using teamwork, and they all know what they can & have to do. Beautifully done in every way followed by new opening titles.


It's a bit hard to believe that it took that long for them to find the prison but when they got there it showed even more of how most of the characters have changed and have learned how to live in this world enough to keep living. The way they talk and see things shows that they know so we don't have to wait for them to learn be for things get bumped up to the next level.


Carl is be coming his own man and may have a little feeling for Beth who I'm starting to care about for the first time, Rick holds the leader role stronger than he has, Hershel is moving to an everyman role with medic, farmer, now rifleman, Carol looks to have been moving on and is finally a real person, T-dog is still pointless and everything he did and said in every episode could have been done by someone else and in a better way, Maggie and Glenn are still a cute couple and show their bound well, Daryl is still bad ass and my favorite in the show, Lori I still wish to die and I still hate her but she seems a little better to me in this episode, and finally Andrea & Michonne are the only weak part I found with this episode as there is no character development and adds nothing to the story over all so they could have waited for the next episode to begin to tell their story.

Behind the scenes

Whatever happened to the old writers or new writes, they now know how to write these characters as well as they are in the comics. Not the same way but as well. I have great hate for season 2 not for the story but how the characters acted and talked (and staying on the farm a little too long). The acting has been good to great but this episode show the cast at the top of their game from every line and look on their faces. Directing and sound were top notch as always but the makeup and special effects are through the roof of being great, gory, and "yuck" realism. This show will never stop winning award at this rate.


High light for me in this episode was the armor zombies. The viewers haven't seen a zombie that dangerous before and nether have the characters (both show&comic) and they showed it well as they didn't know what to make of them or how to fight them. It also brought back memories of the armor zombies from Left 4 Dead 2 video game and the same trouble I had with them.

One thing I didn't care for about the zombies was the introduction of the "lurker" zombie. In the comic there are the walker zombie that comes after you and there are the lurker zombie that sits and waits for you to get in grabbing range. All of season 1&2 there was only the walker zombie that could run, had some memory, and used tools very little to get meat. Seeing a lurker appear and showing that the characters haven't met this kind before when the dead have been walking for nearly a year now is a miss step and shouldn't be in the show at all.


Seed is a great jumping on point and season opener. I wished it was a hour and a half long like season 1&2 had but there are going to be 16 episode for this season making it the longest of the show so far so time and story can only be stretched so far. With the missing months lost in the snow of the unseen Winter, new fans and old have some catching up to do as the show (and maybe other media) go over what they went though in that time to make them who they are today. Question that I, my friends, and family had for/about the show was answered or brought up in this episode showing that the show is smart about what and how it does things.I was ready to give up on the show because of season but Seed got me back. Best of luck to this show for the ground it broke 2 years ago and continue to spread like an unnamed virus.

That was a lot of typing so my next written review maybe for the mid-season break.

Images are from the Walking Dead Facebook page by AMC.

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